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List a Job Opportunity or Your Availability for a Job Here. Connect at Converge Spot

Since Converge Spot opened on Jul 21, we have had many opportunities to speak with all our customers. Besides the suggestions that many of you have given to us, we also get to know what you do during our sharings. We realised that some of you were looking to employ, whilst some were looking for a job opportunity. We want to bridge this air gap in Converge Spot and help connect people.

Hence, we decided to start this channel for all of our cherished customers to list their job opportunities and availability for jobs. However, there are some basic guidelines so that we can encourage good etiquette and also prevent PDPA issues.

Guideline #1 - List by a standard format in your post.

To list a job opportunity:

Company Name, Job Position, Valid Period, Contact Person's First Name, link to a job application (if available)

Fictitious Example: Converge Spot Pte Ltd, Ops Manager, Jun 22 - Sep 22, Joe,

To list availability for a Job:

First Name, a short description of Job desired, Valid Period, link to portfolio (if applicable)

Fictitious Example: Joe, Business Development Manager in a Software Company, from Jun 22,

Guideline #2 -

Just prompt any of our Converge Spot staff to help connect

The idea is to have Converge Spot be the facilitator if you feel like reaching out to the person looking for the job, or the person who is employed. We will then provide the contact details of the person. As this is a service only for our valued customers, either one of the parties must be a Converge Spot's CoWorking space customer.

Guideline #3 - Avoid writing other unnecessary details

This is just a simple way to connect people with job opportunities. Please avoid loose talk about other people or commenting prejudicially on the companies. Let's stay neutral and allow others to make their assessment.

Guideline #4 - Acceptance of Converge Spot as the Facilitator

Converge Spot users who list their jobs or their availabilities here will be consenting to the release of their contact details through Converge Spot's staff members. Converge Spot will take measures to ensure that the contact details are kept confidential and only released when appropriate.


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