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About Converge Spot Pte Ltd

We unlock the ineradicable value of strata retail shops by transforming them into multiuse co-sharing spaces. We want these underutilised spaces to serve communities and help perpetuate the benefits of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) / Hybrid Work. We leverage digital technology to enhance work efficiency and as an enabler for more connected online to offline interactions. We espouse sustainability. We hope our transformation of strata retail spaces will help reduce the need to erect more swanky new buildings.  

1. Coworking spaces: We desire to create value and advance the positive effects of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) on our work-life harmony.

2. Co-retailing spaces: We connect small businesses with potential customers, bringing convenience and better online-to-offline retail experiences.

3. Co-socialising spaces: We create conducive spots for our communities to converge and increase social interactions, offline and online.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

About Us

Joe Zhang
Jack Lim_edited.jpg
Joe Zhang
Jack Lim
Sharen Ong

A spirit of Entrepreneurship in our 40s

Joe Zhang served his country as a Military Pilot for 20 years. His tenacity to thrive in a demanding and complex environment is contagious. He enjoys doing the things that most people would avoid—an affable but strange person. He firmly believes that good things need not be expensive and should also be available to benefit the masses. That is how the story of Converge Spot began, from creating coworking spaces of affordable quality to co-retailing and co-socialising.   
Jack Lim has been a serial entrepreneur since he left regular service in the Navy more than a decade ago. His strong analytical capabilities and creative ways of solving problems are intriguing. He is also a skilled expert diver and dive instructor - everyone loves to go diving with him.   
Sharen Ong has been a homemaker for nearly 15 years after taking a break from a stint in the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Her dedication to her family is remarkable. Her attention to detail and sense of realism is an excellent counterbalance to Joe's strange ideas.

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