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About Converge Spot Pte Ltd

Converge Spot started out as a CoWorking space provider during COVID19 to augment hybrid work and support those on Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA). Then, we were bringing in good F&B products such as UCC Coffee, Remedy Kombucha and snacks from Superlative Foods for our workspace customers to enjoy. The same raison d'être to converge all good stuff for our customers' convenience continues to drive our new business developments. Today, Converge Spot is a larger company that imports, exports, wholesale and retail various F&B products. We still operate CoWorking spaces where good people and good products can converge.

汇聚点最初是在新冠肺炎 (COVID19) 期间作为共享办公空间提供商,以增强混合工作方式并支持灵活工作安排 (FWA) 的工作人员。然后,我们引入了优质的餐饮产品,例如 UCC 咖啡、Remedy 康普茶和 Superlative Foods 的零食,供工作场所的顾客享用。为了客户的便利而汇集所有好东西的同样存在理由继续推动我们新业务的发展。如今,汇聚点已成为一家规模较大的公司,从事进口、出口、批发和零售各种餐饮产品。我们仍然运营联合办公空间,让优秀的人才和优秀的产品能够汇聚在一起。

Aerial View of Seafood Market
UCC Black Coffee
Brainstorm Team Meeting
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