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CoWorking Spaces

We want to bring conducive and affordable CoWorking spaces closer to you. Currently, there are two Converge Spots located at the city fringes.


Converge Spot Heritage @ Geylang (Le Regal Condo)

Converge Spot Tranquility @ Jalan Besar (Shophouse)


Heritage @ Geylang (Le Regal Condo)

Our first spot. Located in an area rich in local cultural activities, heritage and delicious food. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.



Meeting Room, Desking & Event Spaces

This versatile 161 Sqft space can be flexibly configured to serve different work requirements. Recommended for small team meetings and pop-up retail events. 

这个 161 平方英尺的多功能空间可以灵活配置,以满足不同的工作要求。推荐用于小型团队会议和快闪零售活动。

Tea-room inspired Meeting Room  at Jalan Besar

Tranquility @ Jalan Besar

A tranquillity-themed CoWorking space from one of Converge Spot's partners. This spot is near an abundance of F&B establishments, Little India and the Jalan Besar MRT Station (DTL).

汇聚点合作伙伴之一提供的以宁静为主题的联合办公空间。这个地点靠近众多餐饮场所、小印度和惹兰勿刹地铁站 (DTL)。

Auditorium suitable for training events

Meeting Room & Event Spaces

The bigger spaces in this shophouse are ideal for holding seminars, training, and other events. The meeting rooms exude a sense of peace like an oasis away from the urban bustles.


Customisable, according to your needs

We will seek to understand your workspace requirements and customise space solutions that will support your set objectives. Ask us today.




Address (Main) 地址

Contact 联络

Open 营业时间

340 Geylang Road #01-22

Singapore 389365

+65 8200 7288

24 / 7

Unless otherwise stated

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