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UCC Rwanda & Colombia Black Coffee 275g

UCC Rwanda & Colombia Black Coffee 275g

UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. is the first company in the world to produce coffee in a can back in 1969. The founding spirit of "delivering delicious coffee to as many people as possible, anytime, anywhere" has given rise to a legacy of high quality coffee being made conveniently available to the public at an affordable price.


This unsweetened black coffee, "Rwanda & Colombia", is another one of the seasonal coffee drinks produced by UCC. A nutty note accompanies the medium roast coffee taste. You can choose to have it served cold or hot. Most people in hot Singapore drink it cold from the fridge, while many others in Japan drink it hot from the warmers. Depending on your preference, you have the options to drink it any any temperature!


Enjoy good coffee now, anywhere and at anytime. 


For sustainability, join us in using it like a water bottle to refill water.

Then, recycle the aluminium can via our Bloobin in Singapore!!

Prices stated are for Converge Spot Members only. 

Prices for the public is $3.50 per can.

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