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Sword Shrimp 尖虾

Sword Shrimp 尖虾

Sword Shrimps, also known as '尖虾', are a delightful variety of seafood with a crunchy texture and a sweet, briny flavor. These small shrimps are typically between 1-2 centimeters in length and have a distinctive sword-like shape. They are often used as an ingredient in seafood fried rice or other Chinese dishes. Sword Shrimps are known for their high protein content and are a popular choice among seafood lovers.


剑虾,也被称为“尖虾”,是一种令人愉悦的海鲜品种,口感松脆,味道甜咸。这些小虾的长度通常在 1-2 厘米之间,具有独特的剑状形状。它们经常被用作海鲜炒饭或其他中式菜肴的配料。剑虾以其高蛋白质含量而闻名,是海鲜爱好者的热门选择。

Available in different sizes ranging from 150g to 1.5kg.

Retail Prices start from $2.00. 

Prices are based on the actual fish weight before cleaning, gutting and gilling.

Multiple standard preparation options are available. E.g. fillet, and steak cuts.

For wholesale and customisable options, please contact us at 


Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288


提供从 150克 到 1.5公jin的不同尺寸。

零售价 2.00 元起。 价格根据清洗、去内脏前的实际鱼重量而定。




Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288

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