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Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisps 250ml Can

Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisps 250ml Can

Passionate about Kombucha? 


Try a range of the fruity, zesty and refreshingly cool beverage.

1) Apple Crisps

2) Lemon Lime & Mint

3) Cherry Plum

4) Mango Passion

5) Orange Squeeze

6) Peach

7) Raspberry Lemonade 

8) Passionfruit

9) Wild Berry


All Remedy drinks contain no sugar, naturally because Remedy brew their bevvies the old school way. When brewing Remedy Kombucha, raw organic sugar is used as a key starter ingredient acting as food for the all important live cultures. During our 30-day long aged brewing process, all of this sugar is converted into healthy organic acids leaving no sugar.


All Remedy Kombuchas carry the official mark of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Standard, having met rigorous independent checks undertaken by one of the most respected and trusted standards in the world for organic production.

All flavours of Remedy Kombucha are certified Halal by the Al-Iman Islamic Society Inc.

Enjoy a naturally sweetened and healthy beverage today!

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