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Red Coral Grouper 红斑

Red Coral Grouper 红斑

The Red Coral Grouper is a wild-caught, medium-sized fish with a dark red hue. It is known for its firm, white meat with a delicate flavor. These groupers are highly sought after for steamboat dishes, as their meat holds up well during cooking. Its skin has a slimy texture with a savory smell of fresh seawater, making it a great choice for an exquisite seafood feast.



Available in different sizes ranging from 500g to 1.2kg.

Prices are based on the actual fish weight after cleaning, gutting and gilling.

Multiple standard preparation options are available. E.g. butterfly, fillet, and steak cuts.

For wholesale and customisable options, please contact us at 


Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288


提供从 500克 到 1.2公斤的不同尺寸。





Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288

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