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Golden Snapper 红枣鱼

Golden Snapper 红枣鱼

These fish are hand-selected and harvested from the sea for their high quality, freshness and unique flavor. Each fish is carefully scaled and gutted for your convenience. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Golden Snapper is an excellent source of lean protein. With its tender, flaky texture and mild sweet flavor, Golden Snapper is an ideal choice for any seafood dish. Try this delicious fish in your favorite recipes today.


这些鱼都是从海里手工挑选和捕捞的,质量高、新鲜、风味独特。为了您的方便,每条鱼都经过仔细的去鳞和去内脏。金鲷鱼富含 Omega-3 脂肪酸,是瘦肉蛋白的极好来源。红枣鱼质地柔嫩,片状,味道温和,是任何海鲜菜肴的理想选择。今天就在您最喜欢的食谱中尝试一下这种美味的鱼。

Available in different sizes ranging from 500g to 1.5kg.

Prices are based on the actual fish weight after cleaning, gutting and gilling.

Multiple standard preparation options are available. E.g. Butterfly cut, fillet, and steak cuts.

For wholesale and customisable options, please contact us at 


Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288


提供从 500 克到 1.5 公斤的不同尺寸。





Whatsapp: +65.8200.7288

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