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Be a part of the transformation

We bring sustainable value to strata retail shop owners and private investors

Shop Owners

Retrieve the value of your shops

Renting out your shop space may not always be feasible. Selling away your shop at a loss need not happen either. We have the solutions to provide you with a sustainable income by repurposing your shop into Coworking, retailing and socialising spaces. No franchising, no management of the shop, and no fuss. Sit back and collect the income with Team Converge Spot. 

Private Investors

We want to grow, and we need your help

Our past year of coworking space business has demonstrated the potential to grow. We will require more spaces to meet the demands. Our current developments in the co-retailing and co-socialising business are also promising. Find out more about your Return of Equities (ROE) from Team Converge Spot.

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