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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Check-In and Check-Out
of the CoWorking spaces?

Once you have made a booking directly with Converge Spot, we will contact you and provide a guide to use our CoWorking spaces. However, if you are using our CoWorking space partner's booking platform to book, kindly initiate contact with our 24/7 duty manager via WhatsApp/Telegram/Line/WeChat/SMS/Phone Call at +65.8200.7288 as we do not have access to your details.


Converge Spot CoWorking spaces are run remotely through our off-site command post. The guides for Converge Spot Heritage and Converge Spot Reserve provide the necessary details to use our CoWorking spaces. Feel free to contact our duty manager if you need help.

How do I make the bookings for CoWorking spaces?

There are 2 ways to make a booking for Converge Spot's CoWorking spaces: 

1. Directly with Converge Spot through this website. Choose to fill up a form or talk to us directly.

2. Use a partner platform to make a booking. See the following page for our partners.

Do you offer discounted rate packages for CoWorking spaces?

Yes, we do have a range of plans and passes that will cater for the different needs of our CoWorking space users.

Do you have catalogues for the full range of products and services?

Yes. We have catalogues for the CoWorking Spaces, as well as the Products & Services that Converge Spot provides.

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