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CoSocialising Services

Bringing communities together through sharing and learning.

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Online & Offline Events

Converge Spot invites subject matter experts to share their knowledge on various subjects that can help us achieve work-life harmony, and also other aspects of our lives. Converge Spot leverages virtual communication platforms and physical CoWorking spaces to conduct these sessions. Some of these events will also be conducted in the METAVERSE as Web 3.0 technology becomes more prevalent. 


Our way of improving wellness focuses on two aspects, mental/emotional and physical wellness. We work with our business partners to provide services and programs that can help us improve our wellness. Our wellness is an integral part of work-life harmony fulfillment. 

Look out for our recommended counsellors, health consultants, art teachers, dance teachers and many more who are passionate about their craft.

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Community Service

Serving Our Underprivileged

We know it can be challenging for our underprivileged communities to find a conducive space for studying or working. If you know of someone who needs the space to perform community services, contact us. 

We want them to succeed in their pursuits.

Similarly, if there are partner programs that are suitable, Converge Spot can ask our partners.

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